800,000 boxes for HEMA

A success story in blue

When Hema was looking for an efficient solution for the entire supply chain from the central warehouse to the points of use in 2001, the company opted for the expertise of SSI SCHAEFER Plastics. This resulted in a long-standing, trusting cooperation. The company ordered an average of 40,000 new containers per year. "Right from the start, SSI SCHAEFER Plastics proved to be the ideal partner with its high flexibility in terms of production times and reliable delivery dates," explains Michel van Leeuwen, Revision Manager Technology and Maintenance at Hema's central warehouse.

Where HEMA uses our containers

More than 10,000 order containers leave the Hema central warehouse every week. The delivered goods are sorted in the stores, the boxes are folded up and temporarily stored to save space until the planned return transport date. Back at the central warehouse, they are then unstacked, unfolded and fed back into the reusable cycle as source, picking or transport containers. "The majority of them are still in circulation," explains van Leeuwen. Even after twenty years of use, the wear and tear on the plastic containers at HEMA is in the per mille range.

Why the foldable and collapsible containers from SSI SCHAEFER PLASTICS are so popular

The volume-reducible materials used at HEMA foldable/foldable container also score points with many other customers in a wide range of industries. "The main selling point for users is the high quality of SSI SCHAEFER Plastics containers - Made in Germany.

What connects us: Sustainability as a decision-making factor

"We try to optimize the environmental impact of our products by using alternative and sustainable raw materials and materials and thinking about new ways of packaging," explains Michel van Leeuwen. This applies not only to Hema's products, but also to logistics. This is why the company opted for the sustainable reusable containers from SSI SCHAEFER Plastics.

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