EFB series
For demanding
Industrial applications

Container features


  • Bestseller in the rotary stacking container category
  • Volume reducible through 180° rotation
  • Extremely robust and durable

Areas of application

  • For predominantly manual handling, on conveyor lines or with robots
  • As a seasonal goods container
  • For transportation between plants

The EFB series
in detail

1) Ergonomic handles (shaped to be gentle on the hand)

2) Barcode and label field

3) Stacking bay for stacking on top of or inside each other 

4) Large area for hot stamping and marking

The EFB series

The EUROFIX boxes allow you to save space and storage costs. The EFB container can be stacked when full and nested when empty by simply turning it 180 degrees. This saves you up to 75 % of volume when transporting empty containers or stockpiling. Different heights can also be stacked, mixed together.

Our EFB is characterized in particular by its robustness and stability, which is why it is ideal for your demanding industrial applications. The EFB also masters automated applications on conveyor technology or with handling devices at an impressive price-performance ratio. We will be happy to advise you in order to find the right solution for your needs.

EFB 642 PP 25801 25802 25803 25804 EFB-L 642 PP 25911 25912 25913 25914 EFB-B 642 PP 25941 25942 25943 25944 EFB-LB 642 PP 25971 25972 25973 25974 EFB 64280 PP 56081 56082 56083 56084 EFB 643 PP 25831 25832 25833 25834 EFB-L 643 PP 25921 25922 25923 25924 EFB-B 643 PP 25951 25952 25953 25954 EFB-LB 643 PP 25981 25982 25983 25984 EFB 644 PP 25861 25862 25863 25864 EFB-L 644 PP 25931 25932 25933 25934 EFB-B 644 PP 25961 25962 25963 25964 EFB-LB 644 PP 25991 25992 25993 25994 EFB-D PP 25891 25892 25893 25894

"Our EFB is very stable and robust, making it suitable for your demanding industrial applications."

Tamara Velten, Sales Department at SSI SCHÄFER Plastics

More than container

Individual labeling options

Practical identification features such as barcode, RFID or QR code give you the possibility to identify or locate your containers at any time. This helps you to optimize your processes and reduce downtime.
Markings by injection or hot stamping are used, for example, for property marking, marketing purposes or application information. 

Contact us and together we will find out how you can benefit from custom labeling of your containers.

Further information
  • Hot stamping
    Colorful, durable and high quality representation by means of letters
  • Injection stamping
    Raised molded representation in the color of the container
  • Barcode
    Reliable barcodes applied to the container according to individual specification with long shelf life
  • RFID
    RFID smart label and/or, after feasibility check, various RFID transponders on the container 
  • Additive technologies
    For voucherless, mobile 24/7 provision of information required at any time via smartphone

The new container catalog

Download our current container catalog free of charge now and learn about many more options for realizing your vision.

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