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Your requirements are our standard. Therefore, we concentrate on them precisely and create our services range accordingly to assist you in finding the perfect solution. 

Container distribution

You would like to have a whole disposal region fast and cheap with containers or retrofit existing containers with transponders? No problem, we can reliably solve this logistical challenge for you. Let us know your desired time frame and we will ensure that it is implemented on time.

Key Facts

Smooth processes

  • Bin and container distribution is part of our daily business. All processes have been successfully made and tested many times and are well coordinated.

High transparency

  • We control the distribution of your containers with our IT systems. You receive information about the project progress via DISPONDO so that you are able to provide information to your customers at any time. 

Timely distribution

  • We have the necessary team and vehicle capacity to distribute your containers in time.

Concentrate on your forces

  • Large distribution campaigns on your own can consume a significant amount of resources. Our team is available to assist you, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Container rental

In the areas in which you as a waste disposal company are responsible for providing the containers, a considerable investment is required before the first revenue is generated. This ties up funds that are not available for future investments. At the same time, you are taking a financial risk: This is because it is not feasible to fully depreciate the containers over the usual contract term. If you include this risk in your bid, you run the risk of not being awarded the contract. The solution to this dilemma is: Renting instead of buying, because rental costs can generally be written off as operating expenses.

Key Facts

Keep initial investment low

  • Buying all the containers for a disposal area is enormously expensive. It is only worthwhile if you also receive the follow-up orders. With our rental service you avoid this risk

Cost-efficiently equipped 

  • Contracting is often done on a temporary basis. If you purchase additional bins and the follow-up order fails to materialize, you have unused assets in your yard. With our solution, you only have as many bins as you need.

Score with project tender

  • Price is a crucial factor in tenders. Our rental service allows you to avoid calculating the total costs of acquisition, enabling you to offer more competitively.

Savings model

  • Our solution also pays off if you win the follow-up tender. Because if the rental period continues, the rental price is reduced.

Reliable cooperation

  • We know your business and offer you comprehensive solutions from a single source based on many years of industry expertise.

Container return

If your containers need to be retrieved from a region due to a change in disposal, this necessitates significant logistical efforts. However, you can leave it in our capable hands, and we will take care of everything for you.

Key Facts

All-round carefree package

  • From planning to implementation: we take care of every step for you.

Focus on core competence

  • Large-scale take-back campaigns on your own tie up many employees. We provide you with our team so that you can concentrate on your core business.


Effective waste disposal management requires efficient administration, planning, order management, and communication. With DISPONDO, you have full control at your fingertips. Once data is stored in the system, it becomes available for all areas of application. Our networked approach optimizes your waste disposal management for maximum efficiency.

Key Facts

One system for all processes

  • All data comes together in one central point and is available for all areas. The software automatically creates informative reports and you can track vehicles and containers live.

Customer:inside service

  • Proof of services can be created with a click and competent information can be provided in response to individual customer inquiries. DISPONDO helps your employees to find the answers quickly in the system.


  • DISPONDO is designed in a way that it can be easily adapted to the individual processes of waste management and local authorities due to a clever modular system.

Cloud-based and user-friendly

  • DISPONDO can be used immediately and can also be used reliably on the move. It works with an easy-to-use interface and, thanks to the cloud-based system, you and your employees can access it from anywhere.

Bulky waste portal

Your employees are involved in many issues. The Bulky waste portal relieves themby taking work off their hands and automating processes. The bulky waste portal creates interfaces between municipalities, waste disposal companies and customers and brings together all relevant data in one system. 

Key Facts

Relieve employees

  • The bulky waste portal relieves your employees by reducing their workload and automating processes.

Excellent service

  • With the bulky waste portal, citizens can quickly find the information they are looking for and conveniently arrange bulky waste disposal online.

All data in one system

  • The portal creates interfaces between all parties involved. It brings relevant data together in a central system and everyone can benefit from the optimal process.

Select My Cart

The needs of most private households can be optimally met with standard containers. At the same time, there are always customers who have special disposal requirements due to special circumstances. You will find more information about our Select My Cart Option Your individual, best possible solution.

Key Facts

Your advantages

  • Once the data has been recorded, it is then available to the waste disposal company and local authority. This ensures optimal networking and simple process optimization.

Comprehensive customer service

  • With Select My Cart, you can offer your clients a customized container solution. This increases satisfaction and strengthens your position as a high-performance waste disposal partner.

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