Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods packed safely

Are your products dangerous? Then our Hazardous goods container with lid Your safe solution. The strictly tested containers are used for products such as airbags, rechargeable batteries, batteries or seatbelt retractors.

Product features


  • Careful testing in accordance with the latest legal guidelines and with reliable certification (UN)
  • ADR-compliant
  • Support with other approvals, if necessary


  • Suitable for the transportation of solid hazardous substances
  • Clever ceiling solutions
  • Protection against tampering possible through sealing


  • Suitable for automated and manual handling
  • Secure, stackable containers enable optimum use of space
  • Combination with various inserts possible


  • Container for 100% recyclable
  • Reusable

Challenges in the transportation of dangerous goods

Dangerous goods contain substances that can pose a risk to health and the environment during transportation. These substances include, for example, airbag systems, belt tensioners, rechargeable batteries and batteries.

To prevent hazards, special containers are used in which the goods are transported safely. They are subject to strict guidelines and are officially labeled as suitable containers with a UN marking after thorough, successful testing.

Dangerous goods KLT

At a glance

  • Innovative sliding closure and spring-assisted four-way locking system
  • Flexible lid insert - sliding closure can be used in both directions
  • Securely stackable for optimal use of space
  • Sturdy side walls, smooth base and ergonomic bottom handles
  • Sustainable reusable container made of polypropylene and therefore 100% recyclable (incl. cap)
  • Available in different colors or as ESD versions
  • Protection against tampering and unauthorized access possible by sealing the sliding lock
  • Individual thermoformed insert available as an option
  • ADR-compliant
  • Optionally available with digital lock
Technical data
L x W x H (mm)
Internal dimensions
L x W (mm)
Useful height
RL-KLT 6147 GGV594 x 396 x 147.5544 x 359109,5
RL-KLT 6174 GGV594 x 396 x 174544 x 359136
RL-KLT 6213 GGV594 x 396 x 213544 x 359175,5
RL-KLT 6280 GGV594 x 396 x 280544 x 359


  • other sizes on request

Dangerous goods CMM

At a glance

  • ADR-compliant & UN-certified
  • Optionally with flame-retardant lining
  • Sustainable reusable polypropylene container (100% recyclable)
  • Sturdy side walls, smooth base, ergonomic bottom handles
  • Custom thermoformed insert available as an option
  • Can be safely stacked inside each other when empty, saving up to 70% of space
  • Stackability not restricted by central safety strap
  • Protection against tampering/foreign access with sealing possible
Technical data
DesignationDimensionsVolumeFloor dimensionUseful height
 L x W x H (mm)Literinside
L x W (mm)
KMB-DH422 GGV400 x 300 x 25718 L315 x 235


Additional inserts
For your hazardous goods

1) Container lining (fire-retardant, lightweight, divisible, dust-free, ESD-capable)

2) Thermoformed insoles (custom-fit, individually adjustable, ESD-compatible, optimum product protection)

3) Fire protection cushions (optimum protection, absorbent, fire-retardant, shock-absorbent, dust-free, ESD-capable, individually adaptable)

The highest safety standards

  • Type-tested and approved for the transportation of dangerous goods in packaging groups II and III, in some cases even for class I
  • Are subject to the strictest guidelines and are only officially approved with a UN marking as suitable containers for the transportation of hazardous goods after extensive testing
  • Suitable for the transportation of solid hazardous substances
  • Can receive a type approval and bonfire test on request

Optimal product protection

Some hazardous goods need to be specially stabilized to prevent the transported goods from slipping in the hazardous goods container. Tailor-made inserts such as thermoformed load carriers center and fix the hazardous goods in the container. These are suitable for both manual and automatic handling and are individually adapted to the requirements of the transported goods.

The material

The hazardous goods containers are made of polypropylene (PP) and are 100% recyclable.

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