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Economical custom solutions

Thermoformed packaging solutions are specially tailored to your products and components. The precise positioning of the components in the thermoformed packaging ensures part protection during transportation and automated handling in your production.

In thermoforming, extruded plastic sheets are heated and formed by vacuum using an aluminum tool.

Product features


  • Low tooling costs and inexpensive production
  • If the article changes, only the insert needs to be replaced. This means the container can simply be reused


  • Suitable for automated and manual handling


  • Products can be positioned precisely thanks to the customized production of the thermoforming tray


  • Thermoformed trays can be processed into granulate and then reused. Recycling to 100% is therefore possible
  • Reusable solution
  • Long service life thanks to high-quality materials

Range of thermoforming services

Container inserts

Thermoformed container inserts can simply be inserted into the desired outer container. When changing components, the insert can be easily removed and the outer container can of course continue to be used.

Thermoformed self-supporting trays

The trays are self-supporting thanks to the sturdy stacking edge. The advantage of self-supporting trays is that the weight is distributed across the tray and your components are protected from external influences thanks to the closed interior. Several self-supporting trays can be stacked on top of each other.

Thermoformed intermediate layers

In order to achieve the highest possible packing density, thermoformed intermediate layers are often used. These are constructed in such a way that the contour of the upper side acts as a "component nest" for your product and the contour of the underside of the intermediate layer above acts as a "lid", thereby protecting your product. In contrast to the self-supporting trays, the weight is carried by the components.

Rotationally stackable thermoformed load carriers

As a stackable version, the load carriers can be nested inside each other when empty, thus saving a considerable amount of space. With a simple 180° rotation, the inserts can also be stacked securely on top of each other with components. By reducing the volume, transport costs can be saved with this returnable solution.

Thermoformed containers

Despite our extensive range of containers, there are always applications where containers with special dimensions or properties are required. Using the thermoforming process, we can adapt containers to your requirements and produce them in the desired special dimensions at low tooling costs.

Thermoformed lids

If you require special lids for containers, thermoformed intermediate layers, stanchion frames or other load carriers, we can develop these individually for you.

Thermoformed packaging solutions made of conductive material (ESD)

If components that could discharge electrically are transported, we recommend thermoformed load carriers made of conductive material. ESD protection prevents unwanted charging and discharging and protects sensitive electronic components.

Production using the vacuum thermoforming process

In thermoforming, plastic sheets are heated and thus made malleable. They are then drawn over the tool by creating a vacuum. Depending on requirements, the thermoformed trays can then be reworked in our milling center.

The material

Depending on the application, the thermoformed trays can be made from a wide range of materials with different properties, e.g. ABS, HDPE, PS, PET or even as an ESD version.

Article sizes

From 300 x 200mm to 1,400 x 1,100mm

The special options

  • Different colors and color stripes for identification and/or alignment
  • Identification with RFID or labels
  • Nest numbering or identification features for camera systems
  • Introduction of automation features
  • Colored embossing


  • Bonding, riveting, drilling and ultrasonic welding
  • Installation of TPU domes and partition walls
  • Packaging


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