according to VDA standard

Solutions for the automotive industry

You are looking for standardized containers, which are specially designed for the requirements of the automotive industry according to Industry standards (VDA standard) were designed? You are looking for Small load carriers (KLTs)? Then SSI SCHÄFER Plastics is the right place for you.

Product features


  • Standardized efficiency according to the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)


  • Reusable container 
  • Easy recycling
  • Long service life thanks to innovative materials


  • For material flow in the automotive industry:
    Manufacturer-supplier-service provider


  • Universally applicable
  • Pool ready
  • KLTs increase the performance of material flow processes

The product series at a glance


According to VDA 4500

The VDA R-KLT represents an intelligent evolution of the widely accepted KLT series. This robust container has increased capacity while reducing weight. Its composite base provides a stable and secure platform, preventing overturning and allowing self-locking composite stacking.

R-KLT ESD - electrostatically dissipative

according to VDA 4504

The R-KLT ESD is designed to safely transport electronic components between suppliers and automobile manufacturers. In contrast to the standard R-KLT, the receptacle is constructed from electrically conductive plastic.


according to VDA 4500

The RL-KLT is a lighter variation of the well-known KLT series, with a larger capacity for storing material. This reduces material expenses and streamlines material flow. The container's smooth bottom is designed to increase usable volume, and additional bracing gives the single-wall container extra stability.


according to VDA 4504 in ESD design

The RL-KLT ESD corresponds exactly to the design of the RL-KLT series, but is made of electrically conductive plastic. This enables the reliable protection of sensitive electronic components against electrostatic charge.


According to VDA 4500

The container is ideally suited for safe composite stacking thanks to its fully designed composite base. The double-walled, rigid construction with extra bracing ensures impressive stability. This means that the C-KLT can withstand heavy content loads of up to 50 kg without any problems.

Light CLT

Special series L-KLT

The load capacity of conventional KLT containers of 50 kg is only used in approx. 20% of cases. This is why SSI SCHAEFER Plastics has developed the lightweight KLT version for up to 20 kg. By dispensing with the double wall and composite base, the weight is reduced. This reduces transportation costs and CO2 emissions and makes handling noticeably easier.

The new container catalog

Download our current container catalog free of charge now and learn about many more options for realizing your vision.

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