Cleverly combined solutions

You have parts of different sizes or with different properties for which you need to find a solution, not only in terms of shape, but also in terms of manufacturing processes. individual packaging solution are looking for? Then we have the made up inserts the optimal solution for you.

Product features


With this process, even small quantities can be realized even partially without tooling costs. In addition, we keep an eye on costs during planning and implementation and thoroughly weigh up which solution is best for you.


Whether milled, injected, deep-drawn or punched - we use a wide range of manufacturing processes for your individual packaging solution. Of course, we also assemble them in the container.


On request, we manufacture and assemble compartments, injection molded inserts and other components for your perfectly fitting packaging solution in our containers. Materials such as ABS, PE, PS or glass fiber reinforced plastics are available, as well as PP, with or without ESD protection.

At a glance

  • Multi-part packaging solution
  • Standard container and individual insert for holding parts
  • Inserts or holders in the form of compartments, domes, dividers, etc.



  • Resource-saving hybrid solution
  • High packing density
  • Centering and fixing the parts
  • Low packaging costs due to lot size optimization
  • Suitable for manual and automated processes
  • Ergonomic handling
  • Large selection of materials and a wide range of variants
  • ESD versions possible
  • Production also possible from recycled material (regranulate)
  • 100% recyclable 


Possible applications

  • Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic handling
  • Storage, transportation and order picking
  • Protection and fixation of products and components

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