LTF Series
For medium

Container features

The containers are:

  • Efficient all-rounder for your internal and external material flow
  • With sturdy corner rail design and
    Advantageous barrel rim base
  • Immediately available from stock with a base plate (30 kg)
  • With ergonomically shaped handles
  • Particularly economical and durable

The containers are perfectly suitable:

  • For content loads of 30 - 50 kg
  • As a storage container
  • As a transport container
  • For handling devices
  • As a solid entry-level model for later automation
  • As a temporary "low-budget" storage solution LTF 6320

The LTF series
in detail

1) Ergonomic pass-through handle on both end faces.

2) Closed handle on both long sides.

3) Stable corner design by spar construction, with centering hole.

4) Lifting chutes for handling equipment

5) Label fields on front and long sides,
(For height 120 mm only on the long sides)

The LTF series

The LTF series was developed with the aim of offering you, our customers, a solid economical container solution for loads in the medium range. Particularly noteworthy here is the running rim bottom. This design is a combination of smooth and ribbed bottom. Here, the load-bearing advantages of a reinforced ribbed base are combined with the running advantages of a circumferential, smooth rim.

In manual handling, this structure has a positive influence on ergonomics and the volume in the daily work of your employees, for example, when pushed, pulled, conveyor lines or ball tables are used. Also due to the very stable corner bar design, the LTF is a solid, durable and very economical container option.

LTF6120PP 3576 LTF6120VB02PP 86094 LTF6120VS01PP 86104 LTF6220PP 35724 LTF6220VB02PP 86124 LTF6220VS01PP 86134 LTF6280PP 35704 LTF6280VB02PP 86154 LTF6280VS01PP 86164 LTF6320PP 35734 LTF6320VB02PP 86184 LTF6320VS01PP 86194 LTF6320PP 35694 SK64152-1PP 93922

"The LTF series was developed with the aim of offering you, our customers, a solid, economical container solution for loads in the medium range."

Georg Laur, Sales Department at SSI SCHÄFER Plastics

More than container

Individual labeling options

Practical identification features such as barcode, RFID or QR code give you the possibility to identify or locate your containers at any time. This helps you to optimize your processes and reduce downtime.
Markings by injection or hot stamping are used, for example, for property marking, marketing purposes or application information. 

Contact us and together we will find out how you can benefit from custom labeling of your containers.

Further information
  • Hot stamping
    Colorful, durable and high quality representation by means of letters
  • Injection stamping
    Raised molded representation in the color of the container
  • Barcode
    Reliable barcodes applied to the container according to individual specification with long shelf life
  • RFID
    RFID smart label and/or, after feasibility check, various RFID transponders on the container
  • Additive technologies
    For voucherless, mobile 24/7 provision of information required at any time via smartphone

The new container catalog

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