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Cost-efficient custom-made products

Your parts do not fit into our standard containers, but a classic custom-made product is too expensive? Then we have the cost-efficient Cut & Weld process the optimum solution. We use existing standard containers or trays to create new items in dimensions that perfectly match your requirements.

Product features

Cost-efficient individual solution

  • Only very low tool costs are incurred for an auxiliary tool (for clamping on the mirror welding system)
  • Existing SSI SCHAEFER PLASTICS containers or trays are adapted to your special shape. This saves you the expense of a new production and you still benefit from a customized solution

Optimally tuned

  • The special containers or trays in the desired size are available in various materials: Polypropylene, polyethylene or electrically conductive material (ESD)


  • Even with welded seams, the containers are still resilient, stackable and can be transported on your conveyor systems
  • Just as durable as our standard containers and trays

Modular and for automation

  • Cut & Weld containers can be safely stacked among each other, just like the standard containers
  • Suitable for automated systems, mini-load warehouses and conveyor lines

from practice

1) Container LTB8420-VS05-CW1919
Original: 799x599x420 I C&W: 1,505x599x420 (mm)

2) Container LTB8420-GL01-CW1030
Original: 799x599x420 I C&W: 2,000x 599×420 (mm)

3)Container LTB6420-HS01-CW185
Original: 599x399x420 I C&W: 1,148×399 x420 (mm)

4) Container LMB822-2-CW1992
Original: 800x200x195 I C&W: 1,326x200x195 (mm)



The production

In the Cut & Weld process, segments are cut out of the SSI SCHAEFER Plastics basic container or tray. The result is a reduced product or a new product extended from several segments. The parts are joined together using a mirror welding process so that stability, stackability, automation and durability are retained despite the seam. For technical reasons, it is not possible to adjust the height.

The stability

For normal applications, the load capacity of the welded containers is identical to our standard containers or trays.
For very large or long containers, top edge reinforcement is recommended on both long sides
The stability of the weld seam corresponds to approx. 90 percent of the material strength of the original container or tray. The same applies when using ESD material.

The options

  • Container heights: 60-420 mm
  • Shelf heights: 56-82 mm
  • Min. dimension: 130 mm front or long side inside
  • Max. Dimension: 850 mm on the front or 2,000 on the long side outside

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